Do not enter private roads

Private road

The main street in this area (Hanamikoji) is a public road, but this street (Kosodekoji) is a public road. Thus, we ask you to not enter this private road.

Along this street, there are many private residences and facilities not related to tourism.

We kindly ask you to not use this road in order to protect the privacy of the local residents and allow them to use this road in their everyday lives.

No entry ban

This street is very narrow and gets crowded easily, especially when used by tourist groups, what makes it considerably difficult for locals to even pass this street.

There were many reports of inappropriate behaviour by tourists (such us entering private houses or harassing geiko and maiko) in this area as well.

These two factors led the local residents to close this road for tourists.

No photos

It is inappropriate to take photos of geiko and maiko without permission and requiring photos is often obstructing their work duties and everyday lives.

It also leads to infringement of their privacy, so please respect this ban.

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